Landscaping Portfolio

FLINDERS: Mediterranean

This garden was designed and constructed by Dragonfly in 2012. Mediterranean inspired planting and design makes this garden colourful and easy to care for. The planting is complemented by decks that…Read more

SHOREHAM: Self Sufficient Garden

Designed by Andrew Laidlaw and constructed by Dragonfly in 2013, this garden is designed to be self sufficient. Key productive features include a netted orchard, large vegetable garden and a…Read more

GLEN IRIS: Modern Mediterranean

In 2006 Dragonfly designed and constructed this garden to complement a modern house in the Melbourne suburb of Glen Iris. Our client sourced iron feature pieces from a local Melbourne…Read more

MERRICKS BEACH: Coastal Garden

Andrew Laidlaw designed this half acre front-line coastal garden and we undertook its construction in 2009. The newly constructed house and garden are on a very steep site on the…Read more

Flinders – Rustic Mediterranean

This half acre garden was designed by Dragonfly and then built in two stages.  The backyard was built first, followed by the construction of a new house, and then the…Read more

Flinders – Native Wetland

The garden on this 30 acre property is dug down into a hole in the landscape.  The large cutting meant that we dig down to sub soil clay, and required…Read more

Flinders – Mediterranean Garden

We began this ongoing project in 2004. A 60 acre property in a breathtaking, but exposed, windy site on the cliff in Flinders. The gardens are spread over 1.5 acres….Read more

Caulfield – Bluestone and Green

This garden was designed by Jack Merlo and constructed by Dragonfly in 2010. Bluestone paving is used throughout to create a low maintenance and liveable space. Evergreen shurbs and grasses…Read more

Cape Schanck – Gabion Garden

This very steep site on the coastline in Cape Schanck featured loose sandy soil.  Gabions were used extensively as retaining walls to stop sand movement, and allow water flow without…Read more